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Polymacs assisterer gerne med at levere den optimale løsning til metaldetektering og sortering.



Inspection and Detection

To identify the type of impurity and its position in the material flow, S+S uses high-frequency detector coils and line-scan cameras, laser technology, X-ray scanners or close-range infra-red spectral analysis.


Separation and Sorting

Contaminants are separated and sorted using various rapid-reacting mechanical or pneumatic devices; reject flaps, pneumatic pushers, extraction systems or air blast units. 
Magnets are frequently used if the requirement is to remove ferrous metals. In many applications, magnetic separators are used early on in the production process to reduce the load on downstream metal separators or sorting systems.

Control Unit

Electronic Process Control and Monitoring

For process control and monitoring Sesotec uses the latest 2-channel digital signal processors, which can be equipped not only with fully-automatic, self-monitoring but also self-calibration and product effect compensation. High-end units are fully compliant with all the relevant quality assurance standards. Data can be integrated into the customer's own EDP systems by means of standard interfaces.